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Ekta Niketan was set up in 1983 by Janet Ganguli, a British nurse, who lived and worked in a remote tribal village in India. She trained village health workers and set up a health centre which is now a popular TB centre in the area.

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Ekta Niketan is a popular TB centre in the heart of a Santal adivasi (indigenous)  village in Jharkhand. The organisation is committed to prevent the spread of tuberculosis in adivasi communities in India. A group of villagers with little outside support manage the TB programme. 


Health workers at Ekta Niketan are trained to diagnose and treat TB. They work closely with the government's TB control programme.

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Ekta Niketan is a popular TB centre in a remote village in Jharkhand, india. People in surrounding villages are mostly poor and undernourished - they have little access to healthcare and other services. The spread of tuberculosis in rural India is alarmingly high.

'Experts' - governmental or non-governmental, are often far removed from the lives of marginalised people - they fail to understand the complexities of poverty. Ekta Niketan works closely with neglected communities - cured TB patients play a significant role to control the spread of the disease in the area. Ekta Niketan is a learning centre for TB and Poverty.

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Janet Ganguli, in her book 'Under an Indian Sky - ten years in a Bihar village' describes the 

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early years of Ekta Niketan. A Penguin publication, the book is now out of print. For a copy, please contact us.

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